Growing Tobacco Indoors (Update #1)


Today I have been transplanting the fittest seedlings from my starting trays into some larger pots.
After almost one month with a lot of thinning (unexpected high germination rate on the organic Virginia tobacco seeds I bought of eBay), the remaining seedlings looks very strong and healthy.

Soon they’re ready to go back into my grow tent and enjoy the precious lumens.


CA3080 Tremolo effect (with audio samples)


Here is a tremolo effect I made this weekend. It’s CA3080 VCA is based on a design from Thomas Henry’s “Making Music With The 3080 OTA”.
The modulation signal is generated using a 74HC14 inverting schmitt trigger configured as a relaxation oscillator.

I’ve built and tested the circuit on breadboard and stripboard. And as long as the input signal level is kept in range, it seems to work pretty well.

The next version will definitely have a mix/bypass-potentiometer.

schematicBreadboard proto Stripboard


Nord Electro 3 Electric Piano

Nord Electro 3 Organ


All audio recorded trough Focusrite Saffire 6 USB soundcard. No other effects applied.



Feel free to ask questions.