Some info on the LED LENSER M7R charger

It’s getting darker for every night here now. So I dug my LED LENSER M7R flashlight out of my closet.

However. I couldn’t seem to find the charger anywhere around..

And since I wasn’t sure if the charging circuitry was embedded in the flashlight itself or in the charger, I did a mini teardown before trying to hook it up to my PSU (in fear of damaging the battery).

It turns out the charging circuit is embedded in the back of the flashlight on a small circular PCB (sorry for no pictures).
There was, I think, 2 ICs on the PCB. But I could only read the markings on one of them without desoldering the springterminal.

It turned out to be a LM3658 (marked L111B on IC) from TI:

Click to access lm3658.pdf

I gave it 5V with current limit at 600mA from my lab PSU. And it went into Pre-qualification mode, drawing 50mA, for a couple of minutes, before going into constant current charging mode at 540mA.

Center is positive (5V) and outer ring is negative (0V).


Charging LED LENSER M7R with lab PSU.

This might not be useful information for anyone, but you never know.