All grain brewing


Last year I constructed and built a small (60l/15.85gal) RIMS brewery. It was a lot of work, but great fun too.

Here’s a video I made showing the brewery in action:


Simple RIMS brewing system

Me and my friend Torstein have always enjoyed a good beer, and have recently got hooked on home brewing. Actually, Torstein did some extract based beers, and then I joined him on brewing a partial mash brew (extract + special malt). And now we’re doing our first All Grain beer! This gave me a perfect opportunity to do another DIY build.

Mash Tun

I got a 37litre stainless steel tank from a colleague, which I polished and attached some hose barbs, a ball valve, some handles and a fitting for my temperature sensor.

Handles (left side), temperature sensor connection (front), hose barbs and ball valve (right side). The inlet and outlet got swagelok fittings on the inside for connecting the false bottom and the top manifold.

False bottom and top manifold

False bottom made from stainless steel pipe sandwiched between 2 perforated aluminium sheet metal pieces using 3 stainless threaded rod and  acorn nuts. Pickup tube is ø8mm swagelok.
A bit pain to clean this, but it does a great job at holding the grain away from the pump.

Top manifold is just some bent SS tubing, with some holes I made using a dremel. It’s not perfect but it works for now.

Wort Cooler

I made the wort cooler of some ø10mm SS swagelok tubing and connected a PVC hose with some hose clamps.

Temperature control and circulation

The temperature control is just a PID controller switching a solid state relay which then switches the hot plate. Pt100 temperature sensor for sensing the mash temperature.

The pump is a circulator pump which can withstand temperatures up to 110 Degrees C. It got 3 preset speeds which can be selected using a switch on the pump itself. I also got some hose barbs for the pump.

Here’s some more pictures (by Torstein)