Windowsill kitchen garden and tomato re-potting

A rainy day is a great opportunity to visit the garden center to gather some new supplies for my indoor gardening activities.


Observing the rain hitting the windshield is a great experience. Especially when you’re not the one driving.


Some funky looking cacti at the garden center.


Final result of the trip. 40l organic potting mix, perlite, leca clay balls, some pots and some nice woven basket trays for the windowsill garden.


Kitchen garden


I started by filling with a layer of leca balls in the bottom of the trays. In hope that it will give me better drainage.


Then a layer of potting mix/perlite before putting in the plants.


Leek, chive, thyme and stevia in this one.


Thyme and red basil.


I’m very much looking forward to that red pesto.


Tomato re-potting

My cherry tomato plants have gotten potbound. And since my kitchen already was covered with soil and perlite, this was a good opportunity to re-pot them as well.


Poor plant..


The old pots where 14cm in diameter, so I transplanted from the 4 smaller pots into two larger 28cm pots. I think they want even bigger pots, but I don’t really have any space left, so I might have to do some thinning and let the strongest plants grow on.


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